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About Philip

Alexander Technique Teacher

I first came upon the Alexander Technique in 2009 after having a major back injury due to a fall through a roof. After some research, I felt that the Alexander Technique could help my rehabilitation. After the fall I had a lot of tension in my whole organism. I can vividly remember being told my centre of gravity was at shoulder height and I was holding a lot of tension in my shoulders trying to stabilise myself after the accident. I didn’t realise this at the time because when the body and brain gets used to the tension, it stops registering.

The one to one lessons initially helped me with the physical effects from the accident, removing pain and discomfort. After becoming so invested in the technique and experiencing tremendous success to date I learnt more about the emotionally and mentally aspects. Looking at habits that were there before the accident, becoming more confident and grounded in my being, opening my peripheral vision and breathing in a new way. Alexander Technique and the lessons I received inspired me so much that I decided to train to become a teacher so I could help others.

Between September 2015 and December 2019 I trained in the Alexander Teacher Training College in Moycullen, Co Galway and I became an Alexander Technique Teacher. I have helped different teachers with workshops and weekly classes. I set up my practice in 2019 in my home studio in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir on the foothills of the 12 O’Clock Hills in Co. Clare. Due to the effects of Covid-19, I have been working online and participating in an online training course with Penelope Easten to continue my development in the Alexander Technique.

It has become second nature to use Alexander Technique in everyday life situations since then. Whether I am walking in nature, weeding in the garden, throwing out a hose line as a fireman, sitting anywhere, or singing and dancing. I am a happier person and the journey continues. Alexander Technique can bring about a change in your life.

I am passionate about helping people and giving them the directions and processes whether that is for back pain, dysfunctional breathing, voice problems, improve posture and balance. reduce stress and anxiety, to become more aware and confident, to become more embodied and move with greater ease and to embody the technique in everyday life. I’ve seen people change for the better through the Technique.

I would like to help people to have clear choices when making decisions, often when we are stressed or in pain we don’t have clear choices, so to be able to stop or pause for a moment and allow the mind to quieten we are often better at assessing the situation and from there make a fresh decision or outcome.

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