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Individual Lessons

Alexander Technique

The lessons are tailored for the individual person. A questionnaire will be emailed to you to fill out or it can be filled out during the first lesson. It would be helpful to mention why you are looking for a lesson? The length of a lesson is between 45 minutes to an hour. Wear comfortable clothes, clothes that you can move easily in, and you can take your shoes off so your feet can be expand and sense the ground. It would be helpful to mention why you are looking for a lesson? If you have suffered from any accident or injury, where is the pain and discomfort? Lessons are either in person or online. During a lesson the teacher will observe what the pupil is doing and suggest to the pupil a series of movements with precise instructions for the pupil to carry out. When lessons are in person the teacher can guide the pupil with gentle hands to come into a new better place. During a lesson the pupil will be mainly standing, sitting, lying down or walking and every lesson is different. One lesson you maybe, sitting mostly, the next lesson you maybe, lying down and another lesson you will standing and walking. The number of lessons needed vary from person to person depending on a person’s situation.

We have habits of a lifetime and we will be undoing and re-educating ourselves. We look at how you are using your body, mind and brain and the habits that are causing you discomfort and pain. How we think effects body and mind

If you have back, neck and joint pain, Alexander technique will help you. You will learn how to become aware of what you are doing and prevent harmful postural habits. You will learn what is good posture and it may not be what you think. Why allowing the back to come back more without collapsing the front of the body and with the lengthening and widening of the back it relieves pain and improves posture.

When we have pain we often bring the mind into the pain and forget about the rest of the body, by doing that we cause further tighten around that area and the blood flow is restricted by this action. When we bring the mind to the brain we are in essence getting out of the way and the body can take care of itself, muscles and fascia release and that creates more space, blood flow returns with ease and removes toxins and we begin to feel better.

We would improve posture and movement through a series of directed activities, becoming aware of habits that are causing trouble. Bringing muscles back in to play that are underperforming while easing the muscles that are doing too much. Every muscle is connected to other muscles, joints, fascia and bone. By bringing the torso into proper relationship we are bringing the muscles, bones, fascia into their place of wellbeing and also the digestive system, the lungs and heart will be in there natural place within the torso and thereby improving their function.

I as an Alexander Technique Teacher aspire to bring you more into your wholeness and become more embodied. Reduce stress and anxiety and also to improve the nervous system so you can begin to handle stressful situations. It is one step at a time starting with the small things, becoming aware of the stimulus points, allowing a pause and creating space around the situation then to make a choice for the better.

Alexander Technique can be used to help us improve how we sit, stand and move. You will learn body mapping, that is where certain joints are, like where does the head meet with the spine. What is your perception of good posture? How to create movement with the correct tone and move with ease.

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