benefits of alexander technique
alexander technique benefits
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People do not
decide their futures,
they decide their
habits and their
habits decide their

Benefits of the
Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique can be applied to everything you do in life, from getting out of bed, to making a cup of tea, to moving through your day and then to rest peacefully when your day is over.
Alexander Technique can help with back pain and other musculoskeletal difficulties and to improve posture. Alexander technique brings awareness to how we move, with that awareness we have choices and by making conscious choices we can choose a series of actions that will benefit us in a way that improves the quality of our lives.

Appling the Alexander Technique to improve breathing, allows the diaphragm to initiate the breath and the other breathing muscles improve functioning, resulting in the wave of the breath going deeper and slower into the body, and more oxygen going to the blood cells. This also helps with digestion and musculoskeletal problems.

Alexander Technique can help to improve the ability to deal with stress and anxiety, by quieting the mind and coming out of the head, connecting deeper into the body. By making more contact with the breath and allowing the breath to be slow and deep, reduces stress. Opening the peripheral vision and depth perception helps with reducing stress and anxiety, it also improve skill enhancement.

Alexander Technique improves performance and prevents injury in movement and Alexander Technique is used in sports, music, drama and public speaking. It was the FM Alexander’s voice that gave him trouble when he was reciting plays in his early twenty’s. It was his voice that lead him to discover his habits around reciting and speaking and eventually finding a method that improved his overall coordination and condition so that he was able to recite again, in a way that he was not interfering with the use of his whole organism, so he could recite without getting hoarse or tense.

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Alleviate Stress

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Improved Posture

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Pain Relief

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Muscle Tension

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Vocal Strain

Applying Alexander Technique to become aware of your reactions to stimuli, and often those reactions are habitual and not known till you bring awareness to them, like jumping up from sitting to answer the door bell, with a stressful response and disembodiment, the mind is gone to answer the door and the body is left running to catch up. We are looking to create a gap between the stimulus and the response, where there is a moment, a pause, where we can choose how we react and respond to the stimulus in a way that benefits us.

Alexander Technique can help with sleep, by quieting the mind and coming into a relaxed state before bed helps with sleep. By becoming aware of the breath, breathing through the nose, and then allowing the breath to slow down and go deeper into the torso, this will bring the mind into the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest system which will promote healthy sleep and awake refreshed.

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