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Alexander Technique Classes & Workshops

We Provide a Varied Set of
Classes / Workshops

Our Workhops take place throughout the year. However, if you or your organisation need something more flexible, we can arange something!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Alexander Technique teach?

The Alexander Technique teaches the constructive conscious control of functioning. With our trained guidance you
will develop an increased awareness of habits of thought and habits of posture and movement.

How long are the lessons and how many should I take?

Lessons run for approximately 45 minutes. For best results, we would recommend 6-10 lessons.

Do the benefits wear off when I stop taking lessons?

After completing one of our workshops / lessons you can expect the benefits to remain as
long you practice what was learnt. For most individuals, this can remain with them for a lifetime.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

It’s generally best to wear something comfortable like sweat / running pants

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