Philip O'Dea alexander technique studio
Philip O'Dea standing outside his alexander technique studio

Alexander Technique Workshops

An Introduction to
the Alexander Technique

A workshop on the introduction of The Alexander Technique can also be taught as an ongoing regular weekly class.

In this workshop we will go through the principles of the Alexander Technique, how the technique came into being through the work of FM Alexander. We will work through the basics of why, do we have pain and how to overcome pain and create dynamic moveable posture. We all have habits of a lifetime that can cause pain or discomfort in our lives, for example, like pulling our head back when we are going to stand from sitting when we do this we tighten the muscles of the neck and back, we want the muscles to have the appropriate tone and to be free of excessive tension. We will look at body and mind integration and how one effect the other and how and what we think influence the body.

We will explore our daily activities in posture and movement, how to sit in ease and poise, how to stand without straining or collapsing, how to walk with whole body awareness. This workshop can be tailored to the group and can include playing an instrument, house work, working at a computer, gardening, driving a vehicle, lifting objects and anything that you bring to the workshop.

I will introduce a practice called semi-supine/active rest which helps to release muscle tension and back pain. Through thought processes (known as directions in Alexander Technique) and gravity, this all allows the back to lengthen and widen and your back can come more on the surface you are resting on, releasing out the tensions. The breath can soften and deepen into the body. This active rest also brings the mind to a quite calm yet alert place, where we are awake with the eyes softly opened.

This workshop will help you improve posture and awareness, relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce stress and anxiety and relearn natural breathing and become more confident. Alexander technique can help to reduce back, head and neck pain, anxiety and stress, voice problems and fatigue.

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