Philip qualified as a Buteyko instructor in June 2021. Philip incorporates Buteyko into his breathing lessons and group work.

The Buteyko method is a breathing technique to improve functional breathing patterns. This method to breathe through the nose, light slow and low (deep)  effortlessly throughout the day and night, coming out of upper chest  breathing  and using the diaphragm as the primary breathing mechanism to stimulate the inbreath.

The Buteyko method was developed by Ukrainian Dr Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko in 1952. Buteyko commenced his medical training in Russia in 1946 at the first Medical Institute of Moscow, part of one of his practical assignments involved monitoring the breathing of terminally ill patients prior to death. After hundreds of hours spent observing and recording breathing patterns, he was able to predict with accuracy, the time of death of each patient. Each patient’s breathing increased as their condition deteriorated and as they approached death.

While he was at university Buteyko was diagnosed as suffering from malignant hypertension, a fatal form of blood pressure which gave him a life expectancy of 12 months.  Under guidance of his tutors Buteyko researched his illness in depth although it seemed that there was very little that he could do to reverse it. In 1952 after directing his focus in clinic therapy, he began to wonder whether the cause of his condition, which was going from bad to worse, was actually due to something he was doing. From his studies and experience of chronically ill patients, he began to look at how he was breathing, he became aware he was taking in big deep breaths, so he reduced his breathing and within minutes his headache, the pain in his right kidney and his heartache ceased. He confirmed his discovery by taking in five deep breaths and the pain returned. He reversed the breathing pattern to breathe less air and slow the breath down and the pain disappeared. He established that breathing so vital to life can be the cure but also unhealthy breathing patterns cause many of our diseases.

Buteyko involves exercises to decongest the nose, switch to nasal breathing along with exercises to restore functional breathing patterns. The method helps to improve a number of breathing related problems, including asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, sleep disorders insomnia snoring, central sleep apnoea, obstructive sleep apnea email apnea.

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